Alumni Outstanding Contribution Award 2023

Criteria, and terms and conditions

This award recognises the incredible voluntary contribution that alumni make to the life and community of the University, through enriching the experience, knowledge and employability of students, or facilitating opportunities for business development and growth.

Specific award criteria

An member of the CCCU alumni community who:

  • Has shown commitment to advancing the activities of the University, through voluntary* support over a number of years.
  • Has made a tangible and positive impact on the University community, such as acting as a ‘partnership broker’ (facilitating productive relationships between the University and external organisations/influential individuals/other contacts in the sector), an Advisor/Mentor/Influencer to current students and or staff, inputting to the curriculum providing expertise that was not otherwise available within the University, or acted as an advocate recommending and promoting the activities of the University.
  • Has given their time selflessly, professionally and with enthusiasm and passion.

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Read a full version of the Alumni Awards 2023 terms and conditions.

* ‘voluntary’ is defined as the alumnus willingly giving their time/support to the University outside of the context of a formal “contract” for monetary remuneration for their activity.  An alumnus MAY be considered as undertaking activity ‘voluntary’ if they are receipt of small incentives, or University hospitality on the occasion of their volunteering, given to thank them for their time.