Aran White

BA/BSc (Hons) Information Technology and Mathematics, 1996

After graduating in 1996, Aran worked in several different banking IT departments before joining a small software house in 1998. Aran went on to secure a role at IBM in 2000, where he stayed for the next 10 years, working in a variety of pre-sales roles.

In 2010 Aran moved to a small Canadian start-up called Layer7. “I was the only employee outside of North America for just over a year and that experience was a great learning curve for COVID lockdown in 2020!! In 2015 we were acquired by CA technologies a much larger company; it was this that lead me into leadership and management”. In 2016 Aran was asked to move to the USA to lead a team of presales engineers and says: “My family and I packed up our house and moved to Denver, including my youngest daughter who was only 10 weeks old.  We instantly loved our new life and enjoy the Colorado lifestyle, especially the skiing”.

In 2019 CA was bought by Broadcom. This change for Aran he says was he biggest. “In many ways the first 3 years working for Broadcom have been the hardest, but I have learnt so many lessons that I have to say they have been some of the best. I have evolved into a senior manager and now run product management for a complete product suite and am learning skill every day.

“Even with all the changes I have made, the skill set my degree gave me are still helping me and I thank all the teachers I had at Christ Church. A couple of years ago I was lucky enough to see one of my lectures on the high speed rail service in Kent. Rob Neil taught me for several programming classes and it was great to have the chance to say thanks to him. I am very proud of where I studied and I think back to my time at Canterbury regularly”.