Colin McGowan

Colin McGowan

BA/BSc (Hons) Ceramics
MA In Fine Art

Colin co-runs an art group with his wife Susan called Locus Arts. They set the group up in 2002 whilst Colin was undertaking his first degree. Locus Arts helps and supports artists and creators either leaving colleges or universities, or moving into the area so they can exhibit at an affordable cost.

Colin says: “As I have now retired, I am able to focus on my own artwork. I am still keen on ceramics which was my first degree, but I also make prints, paint and sculpt.

“I exhibit and undertake workshops during festival periods to try and encourage young and old to be creative, with the hope that they too will have a lifelong passion for art in all its splendour.

“While I was working, I was very lucky to be ab;e to use art as a diversion for the clients suffering from various aspects of mental illness. This creativity wasn’t solely painting, drawing or clay but photography, gardening and baking, because being creative comes in many disguises for each individual.”