Freddie Ryder standing in front of a Switz lake

Freddie Ryder

PGCE 11 - 18 Religious Studies

Freddie became interested in teaching when he was studying for his undergraduate degree and so came to Christ Church to do his teacher training. 

He says: “The skills I acquired during my PGCE enabled me not just to teach, but ultimately equipped me with the confidence to start teaching across Europe.”  Now he effectively works as a freelance teacher for multiple institutions.  As a Director of Studies he manages teams of teachers on short courses across Europe, as well as teaching abroad himself, and he also works in various UK institutions, including universities.

The Christ Church Alumni Team are regularly in contact with Freddie, who is very willing to talk to current students about his work experience, and are always interested to see which part of the world he is emailing from.   When he’s not in the classroom, Freddie is something of an entrepreneur, enjoying dabbling in small business, property and the stock market.