Ian Shelton

Certificate of Education, Bachelor of Education, 1974

Canon Ian Shelton studied at Christ Church from 1970-1974 and says that his time at Christ Church and relationship with the Cathedral played a part in shaping his own journey, from teaching at St Anselm’s Catholic School in Canterbury, to finally retiring as a Vicar (and chaplain to a Church of England comprehensive school) in the West Midlands two years ago.

Ian says: “The crisis this year (Covid-19) has called us all to adapt, to be flexible, to concentrate on what really matters rather than externals. For me, the Anglican dimension to Christ Church was central to who I am, and the paid work I did, the lives I’ve been privileged to share.

“My work in retirement is different, still studying (with online supervisions), thinking how faith engages with the “dark night” our world is passing through at present. But sustained, daily, by joining in digitally with the ongoing life of our Cathedral, 200 miles away, whose presence and friendship was the background to my student life those many years ago.

“1974 was a great year for C4 (as it then was), with an exceptional staff who gave us inspiring teaching”.