James Burgess

James Burgess

BSc (Hons) Sport and Exercise Science

After his Sports and Exercise Science degree, James went on to achieve an MSc in Chiropractic treatment.

Since qualifying five years ago, James has been working in Ashford in a clinic that stays open on weeknights until 9pm. This is to give patients who work in London enough time to get home and make their way to the clinic (a few minutes from Ashford International station).

Many of these patients are CEO’s, CFO’s, head hunters and directors who work long days and can’t always guarantee to make the 5:30 train home. One evening, a patient asked James: ‘Couldn’t you treat me at my work?’ That was when James came up with the idea of providing onsite treatment to his patients at work, which led to the birth of CityHealthcare Solutions.

As well as Chiropractic musculoskeletal adjustments, Jame offers a package of treatments including Yoga and ergonomic desk assessments to decrease the cost of Musculoskeletal (MSK) injuries, reduce employee absenteeism, encourage employee retention and offer them a wider benefits package.