Jennifer Dominic

BSc (Hons) Biosciences

Jennifer studied a BSc (Hons) Biosciences at Christ Church as an ‘article 26 award’ recipient, the award covered the tuition fees for the duration of her degree. She received this because she was denied access to student finance.

Jennifer ultimately graduated with a first class degree. “To me”, she says, “my graduation was, and still is – a trophy, because it marks a significant milestone in my journey, it represents the hardships presented and the ability to overcome them.”  

Jennifer was lucky enough to commence her career in industry the week she got her results, working as a Clinical Trial Assistant at Richmond Pharmacology in London. She spent nearly two years there in a variety of roles, progressing to Unit Site Manager. After this, she went on to explore contracting with Clintec, under assignment with MSD for a year as a Clinical Trial Coordinator. In April 2019, Jennifer joined MSD directly as a Clinical Research Associate.   

During her time in industry and academia, Jennifer always wanted to be part of a community of scientists that would be happy to offer advice about navigating various career options within the science industry. Finding nothing to meet her needs, she took the initiative and set up Wenite – a platform that aims to bridge the career gap in science by mapping out available career options for students and professionals through video profiles and Science focused events.