Tchun Ye Diana Hwang

B.Ed in Teaching English as a Second Language, 1998

Tchun Ye Diana, graduated from the Malaysian-UK (B.Ed TESL) Twinning Programme with Christ Church, gaining a B.Ed in Teaching English as a Second Language in 1998.

Tchun Ye Diana has been an English teacher for more than 20 years, and says: “I must say that CCCU is always close to my heart. I have always told students about my life as a student in CCCU 1995-1997”. Tchun Ye Diana recalls some special memories, including watching ‘Oliver’ at the London Palladium and meeting with students at Brampton Manor School, London, as well as making new friends at St Georges Baptist Church and attending the International Students Bible Study Group. Tchun Ye Diana says: “These are the fond memories which I have always cherished and treasured whilst living as a student in Canterbury, England”.