Thadeus Matemba

BSc (Hons) IPL Adult Nursing, 2018

Thadeus works as a Registered Nurse at East Kent Hospitals University NHS Foundation Trust.

After sadly losing his father to prostate cancer, Thadeus has written a book Understanding Prostate Cancer. The aim of the book is to raise awareness of prostate cancer, its causes, how to mitigate the risks, treatment options and how to live well with the condition.

Thadeus says: “I believe one way of fighting prostate cancer is continuing raising awareness which will help to bring understanding of the condition and preventing or stopping the stigma. This will certainly help men and families dealing with the condition.

“My book is dedicated to my parents, and also to other families who are taking care of their loved one with prostate cancer. A lot from the book is also relevant to cancer in general and it has a message of empowerment and hope about treatment options and the importance of a healthy lifestyle in reducing the risks”.

The book is available to purchase on Amazon and Thadeus hopes to donate some of the proceeds from the book to the charity Prostate Cancer UK.