Amber is Young Digital Woman of the year 2020

Amber Vellacott at her computer

Amber Vellacott – BA (Hons) Multimedia Journalism, 2017 – is the winner of Young Digital Woman of the Year 2020, announced at the Digital Women Awards in London in March this year.

With still six months of her course to complete but already job hunting, Amber successfully secured a job at Sleeping Giant Media. Amber says ‘’By day, I was the latest member of Sleeping Giant Media, by night I was reading lecture notes, napping in the library and working towards those word counts.” It wasn’t the easiest introduction to a career, but Amber finished her degree very successfully.

Initially helping run the administration courses for Giant Campus, Amber’s role quickly evolved into managing social media accounts, writing website content copy, making visuals for social media and even writing her own digital skills course. Recognised by the senior team, Amber was quickly promoted to Content Marketing Lead for the whole company, part of a team responsible for the Giant brand.

As the only female on the team, Amber has used her position within the company, the industry and her community to empower other women too, from talks to content creation, making room for others and making sure the role of a woman is considered, and that they are given the same opportunities, throughout the digital sphere.

Amber points out that “Digital is ever-evolving…It is a constant game of catch-up. I’ve spent many an evening working through e-learning platforms to further my skills, attending talks and workshops and putting myself on accredited courses.”

Amber is still just 24 and working for her first employer.  And for that, we think she deserves to be Young Digital Woman 2020.