CCCU Post Graduate Research Association conference, 14 July 2023

The Post Graduate Research Association Conference team at Canterbury Christ Church University is now calling for submissions for this year’s conference. It will be a hybrid style conference so presentations can be in person on campus in Canterbury or online.

It is the perfect opportunity to present the first stages of research, work in progress, and research which has already been completed (i.e. masters or doctoral thesis)

To celebrate the diversity of research at CCCU, there is no specific theme for this conference. This allows us to discover the wide range of topics being researched but if you want a theme suggestion, you could focus on one of the following:
o creativity
o culture and communication
o environmental sustainability and resilience
o health and wellbeing
o justice and equality
o technologies for the future
o teaching and learning
o languages and literacy

The presentation can be in any format, including performances/installations e.g. dance, music, drama, photography and other visual arts to the equivalence of 20 minutes. You can also present as part of a group.

If you would like to present at the conference, please submit a 250-300 word abstract using this form.
The deadline is Sunday 30th April 2023, 10pm.

Any questions? Contact us via