Do you work in Science, Engineering, Health or Medicine?

Did you study on a technical or science-based subject (such as Computing, Information Technology or Maths) at Christ Church, or qualify from one of our postgraduate medical courses? Do you now practice within one of those fields? If your answer to both of those questions is “yes”, we need your story.

Christ Church has broken the first turf on its multi-million pound STEM building and preparations for the launch of its new Kent and Medway Medical School, in collaboration with the University of Kent, are well underway. These exciting developments are founded in the University’s experience of training students to work in technology and science over many years.

If you studied at Christ Church in one of these subject areas and are willing to talk about how your studies prepared you effectively for work in Science, Engineering, Health or Medicine, we urgently need to hear from you. Email the Alumni Team now, briefly outlining your career history and we will be in touch to discuss further details.

We like to thank our alumni volunteers. Find out how.

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