Dorcas is a rising star


We are delighted to announce that alumna Dorcas Boamah, BSc (Hons) Adult Nursing (2013) is the winner of a Royal College of Nursing (RCN) Rising Star Award, for her work in one of Britain’s Nightingale Hospitals.

As a newly qualified nurse, Dorcas began her career as a Band 5 on a surgical ward. Only a year and a half after qualifying, she got a promotion as a Junior Sister. During her time as a Senior Nurse on the ward, Dorcas’ main focus was staff education. She went on to complete her Level 7 sign off mentorship course and, by doing this, was able to sign final year nursing students as competent. Dorcas spent a total of three and half years on the wards before moving on to become a nutrition clinical nurse specialist.

Dorcas heard about the Government’s initiative regarding the Nightingale Hospitals and was attracted by the opportunity to improve as a nurse by working in an unfamiliar environment and an unprecedented situation. She had never worked in an Intensive Care Unit so wanted to challenge herself.

Dorcas says: “No one is ready to work in that environment in full PPE and looking after really sick individuals.  Every day was a different experience yet very rewarding. Going through an experience like this shapes you as a healthcare professional, it changes your perception of life and makes you gentler to yourself and others.”

When Dorcas was contacted by the RCN informing her about the Rising Star Award, she was shocked but grateful. She says: “When you are nurse you show up and do your job, and don’t look for any recognition, so when I stepped up during the peak of the global pandemic this was unexpected. This award has given me the confidence to know that I can make a difference even with the little things I do.” 

Dorcas is now studying for a Masters Degree in Leadership and hopes to venture into corporate nursing where she can use her voice to make an impact. She is also keen to get involved in motivational speaking.

Want to know more about Dorcas? View this interview with her from the BBC.