View of a microphone

Workplace Fears: Speaking on the phone and Public Speaking

October 30, 2023 at 2:00 pm

The Careers and Enterprise Hub, Augustine House, Canterbury

How do we prepare for dealing with difficult workplace situations?

Telephonophobia: A reluctance or fear of taking or making phone calls.

A lot of us suffer from Telephonophobia, especially when we enter our first graduate role and being on the phone is an expected part of our jobs. So why are we afraid? How can we practice overcoming this fear? And how do we manage our fear when its time for our first workplace phone call

Glossophobia: Fear of Public Speaking

It is common in lots of workplaces across of range of industries that we will need to make a speech, lead a session or present at some stage in our careers.

So, what are the keys to preparing for this? Why do we get nervous when we know what we are talking about better than our awaiting audience? Why do we fear speaking in front of strangers? What do we think will happen?

This in-person workshop will talk about tips and tricks to get ahead of these fears now and become more comfortable with two frequent expectations of future employment.

This event is open to current students and recent alumni. Places are limited so please register in advance.