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Are you a recent graduate, looking for the right job and concerned about the impact on the job market from the unprecedented outbreak of COVID-19?

GradForce, part of our Careers and Enterprise Team, is here to help support you in that job search. Even though you have finished your time at Christ Church, we are still 100% invested in supporting you in finding the right role for you.

It’s not all going to be doom and gloom when job searching. Although we expect significant changes in the job market during the aftermath and economic recovery from COVID-19 there will be – and currently are – businesses that need to hire graduates. And yes, we mean graduate-level jobs!

The Gradforce Team have been working hard to prepare Get Hired! an online bootcamp experience that you can take part in this June to prepare you for the graduate workplace. Our bootcamp covers skills selected by employers as vital elements of what makes a fantastic employee. By joining our Get Hired! bootcamp, you are putting yourself in an advantageous position and helping to set yourself apart from other candidates when applying for jobs!

Running from Monday 1st June to Friday 19th June 2020, Get Hired! bootcamp covers:

  • what employers are really looking for in a good employee
  • building confidence in yourself and realising what you have to offer an employer
  • understanding exactly how to nail the graduate job selection process.

Get Hired! bootcamp events include:

Who Do You Think You Are?
Support In The Workplace: Visible & Invisible Disabilities
The Story of You
Think Like A Recruiter
The Future of World of Work
Breaking Through Glass Ceilings
Growth or Survival
Comedy for Careers
Commercial Awareness
Networks and Relationships
Question Time
Project Management 101
Finishing Touches

More sessions will be added over the coming weeks.

We encourage that you book onto as many sessions as you can for a holistic experience so you can build a complete skillset ready for the graduate workplace.

Impress your future employer and sign up to our Get Hired! bootcamp today.

For any queries contact the Gradforce Team using the button below.