Happy to Chat – Diamond Jubilee Project

In celebration of the University’s Diamond Jubilee, Canterbury Christ Church Creatives are inviting groups from within the University community to help create Happy to Chat spaces across the campus network.

Happy to Chat is a relatively recent phenomenon that is spreading globally. The idea is that a sign on a seating area indicates that those who sit there are happy to chat to those who wish to stop and talk. These areas address social isolation and loneliness; issues that have only increased since the start of the pandemic. The vision for the Happy to Chat project at Christ Church is that it will not only create outdoor and indoor spaces inviting people in the University community to speak to and interact with others, but that these areas will also be decorative – brightening our campuses and bringing joy to those who see them.   

People from different sections of the University community are needed to sponsor a Happy to Chat space by coming together to decorate it and this project is open to alumni.

Groups will be able to decorate their chosen space in a way that means something to them and fits with the environment around the space. This might be with paints or other types of decoration for any of the spaces or soft furnishings in indoor spaces.  Paints and brushes will be made available, but donations of items would be really welcomed too – the aim is to make this project as sustainable as possible. To take part, a group will need to select an area that they would like to sponsor from a range available, put together a brief proposal about what they want to do, what materials they would need (and might be able to provide) and when, from April onwards, they would want to do the decoration. 

To find out more or to get to view the Happy to Chat spaces available contact Canterbury Christ Church Creatives.

Canterbury Christ Church Creatives is a group for staff and students of the University which brings people together to craft and make art for enjoyment and wellbeing. All crafts and arts and all levels of crafting and art-making skills are embraced and new members are always welcome.  The group also has a virtual social, via Teams, weekly on Thursdays from 6pm to 8.30pm, which is combined with an in-person social on the first Thursday of each month. If you are interested in finding out more about the group, find the Creatives on Facebook or contact them via email.  The Creatives can also be followed on Instagram as #canterburychristchurchcreative