Alumni profile: Mahmood Hardan

Image of alumnus Mahood Hardan in surgical scrubs

Mahmood Hardan sent us this update about what he has been up to since completing his PG Cert / PG Dip / MCh Minimally Invasive Surgery, 2013 at Christ Church.

“The journey toward the science began in my childhood. My mother taught me to dedicate my life to learning and education.

“After I graduated from the prestigious University of Mosul, College of Medicine l begun searching to complete my postgraduate study at a UK university, given the reputation of the country’s education system in Iraq. 

“Many British educational institutions had generously offered me a seat for study. The only university which combined all my ambition was Canterbury Christ Church.

“I expected many great things from studying at Christ Church, but my expectations didn’t reach the amount of love and fulfillment which the university and its faculties made for me. They took on the challenge to transform my personal experience to a level which I didn’t expect.

“I started my master course in MCh. Minimally Invasive Surgery in October 2012, I was striving to complete the study to master my skills in laparoscopic surgery besides my academic writing. I was successfully awarded the degree and returned back to Iraq. However, I have noticed that I returned with more than just my qualifications. I found that I am living the university ethos and the great values of English culture. I learnt how to get happiness by giving, not only by receiving and how to acknowledge the beginnings of dreams.

“Meanwhile, I am practicing both clinical and academic skills, whilst l am fulfilling a doctorate degree in general surgery at the biggest training centre in surgery in Iraq. 

“Studying at Christ Church was the greatest experience of my life. It helped give value to everything which I learned since the first day of my life and directed my vision to focus on the future. This is an institution equipped with ethics and spiritual values, and as such its graduates will carry all these invaluable things forever in their life.”