Our MA Modern History Team

The following staff teach on our MA in Modern History.

Dr John Bulaitis, Senior Lecturer in Modern History

John specialises in twentieth century European history, with a particular interest in twentieth-century France. He also has expertise in the ‘two political extremes’ of twentieth century politics – communism and fascism. John’s latest book is a biography of French communist leader, Maurice Thorez. John Bulaitis, Maurice Thorez: A Biography.

Dr Michael “Mitch” Goodrum, Senior Lecturer in Modern History

Dr Michael ‘Mitch’ Goodrum, Senior Lecturer in Modern History. Mitch specialises in Superheroes, Cold War horror and science fiction (particularly histories of place and space). His latest book is Superheroes and American Self Image: From War to Watergate.

Professor Thomas Hennessey, Programme Director MA, Professor in Modern History

Thomas specialises in the Northern Ireland conflict, British political history and Britain in the Cold War. Among his books are Britain and the Korean War and The First Northern Ireland Peace Process.

Dr Althea Legal-Miller

Althea specialises in the histories of gender and sexuality: African American cultures; racism, policing and incarceration; racial justice and protest and the American South.

Dr Simon Prince, Senior Lecturer in Modern History

Simon specialises in the 1960s, British political and social history, political violence and the Northern Ireland conflict.

Professor Kevin Ruane, Professor in Modern History

Kevin specialises in twentieth century international history, in particular Anglo-American relations, the Cold War, Nuclear History, and the Vietnam war. Kevin’s latest books are Churchill and the Bomb; and Anthony Eden, Anglo-American Relations and the 1954 Indochina Crisis.

Dr Martin Watts, Principal Research Fellow in Modern History

Martin specialises in military and naval history particularly during the two World Wars. His latest book is The Royal Marines and the War at Sea 1939 – 1945.