Social and Environmental Justice for a Sustainable Future conference

Alumni are invited to the Social and Environmental Justice for a Sustainable Future conference on the 18th October (9:00 – 17:00).  To mark our Diamond Jubilee celebrations, we have created an interdisciplinary day that explores, analyses, and celebrates social and environmental justice and its application to providing a sustainable future. Through presentations, workshops and interactive activities featuring academics, environmentalists, and individuals with lived experience, we have sought voices, images, words, and sounds that reflect what social and environmental justice means to us individually and collectively.

Revolutions take many forms, and do not always involve ground-shaking change, but rather can exist even in our quietest and humblest of creative acts. We aim bring together people and acts, in all their creative forms, to celebrate thinking, activism and hope.

To register, as well as find out more about about programme of events, on the day, take a look at our main website.