Supporting the isolated

Julie Barker

Julie Baker, MSc Public Health 2016, knows more than most about the impact of a life-threatening virus. An experienced nurse and at one stage the Owner/Manager a travel vaccination business in the State of Massachusetts, Julie has also had direct experience of the Ebola crisis in Ghana.

It was travelling and working in Ghana that led Julie  to become interested in epidemiology, which then became a key focus in her Masters at Christ Church. Now, she is working on the Covid-19 public health initiative with Rye Mutual Aid Community Response in East Sussex. 

Julie specialises in supporting families and clients who are isolated at home and suffering from Covid-19 symptoms. The concern is that people isolating at home with worsening Covid-19 symptoms may not call for medical help early enough when they enter the second, more severe, phase of the virus. “There are so many media stories of members of a family dying because they didn’t know what to do”, says Julie.  As part of her work she is distributing an information leaflet to provide guidance to those in, or caring for someone in, self-isolation.  This includes information on symptoms, how to quarantine a family member, essential hygiene and enlisting the support of medical professionals.

Julie also currently serves on the Council of Governor’s for East Kent Hospital Foundation Trust to advocate for improved healthcare for patients and families in local communities.