Talent.ED Academy: Graduate Programme 2019

Joining the best

Celerity is an award winning, data-driven marketing agency. We specialise in the application and integration of leading marketing software clouds. We work with a great portfolio of leading global brands such as Goldman Sachs, Disney, Sky and Honda. We help them to achieve great things in the digital world, using data technology and customer interaction.

We believe what sets us apart is our people, and we have a proven track record in creating the industry’s talent across a range of roles, from highly technical analysts to project and account managers.

We have designed a bespoke talent programme, called the Talent.ED, to attract the best young minds in the business. We introduce them to some fantastic career opportunities and together, we can broaden our marketing cloud capabilities and help shape this exciting digital age.

Our objective is to empower you to take our business forward. Our fully paid Programme will take six months to complete and will follow two routes of learning. You will develop skills in two core Marketing Cloud services areas for our business. 

  • Adobe® Campaign (Services and Systems Integration)
  • Tealium (Data Hub)

The Celerity HQ is the base location for the programme, with the longer term opportunity to work across our Madrid and Boston business units.

Knowing that you are heading in the right direction is key to our combined success. You will be given a clear set of objectives to achieve in your 3-6 month development plan. We can then use these to track your progress as you move through each phase of your development, right through to your fully qualified role.

By month four, our Talent.ED recruits will hold a globally recognised Adobe® Business Practitioner certification. They will be working across live project work and attending weekly masterclass workshops. And they will have ongoing support from a dedicated mentor team, throughout.


The programme framework is designed to build key business skills so that you can confidently move into a full time permanent position at Celerity – all the time earning whilst learning!

If you think The Celerity Talent.ED programme looks like the perfect opportunity for you to start and develop your career, you can apply online.

Simply search “Celerity Talent.ED Academy” or visit www.celerity-is.com/talented

You can also send details of why you think you should become part of the Celerity team to Celerity’s Head of Emerging Talent: Deborah.lewis@celerity-is.com

What are we looking for?

We are looking for digital natives with a strong passion for combining data and technology to create customer engagement. Some of you may prefer to engineer a solution, others of you may prefer to create the communication strategy and experience…we are looking for all types of skills. So if you have an academic background in Marketing, Digital Engineering or Arts, Computer Science or Business then you could be the ideal candidate for us.

Assessment day

At the start of August all successful applicants will be invited to an assessment centre which will give us the opportunity to provide you with more information about Celerity, our industry and the Talent.ED programme. It will be an informal, fun day filled with practical activities to help us assess your skills and behaviours… It’s an ideal time for us to work out if we are the right fit for each other!

By the end of Day 1 we will confirm who will be invited back to attend a more formal interview on day 2.

Join Us

Join our team and we will grow together!

If you want a rewarding career in the digital marketing space, with a great support structure to enable you to really grow and excel, then contact the Talent.ED team to find out more about our long term career opportunities.

Head of Emerging Talent
Deborah Lewis
t 07826 947849
e deborah.lewis@celerity-is.com  

Office locations:
UK: London, Kent
EU: Madrid
USA: Boston

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