Archive Videos

A selection of footage taken at the University down the years.

Tour of the Medway Campus 2014

Christ Church Gospel Choir 2011

Graduation at Canterbury Cathedral 1991

Development of the Canterbury Campus 2018 onwards

This video starts with the demolition of the Davidson, Lang and Temple halls of residence on the Canterbury Campus in June 2018 (be strong, oh ye former residents), through to the construction of facilities for science and engineering.

A tour of the Canterbury Campus in 2012 with Graduate Trainees

If you graduated a long while ago, this video gives a great sense of how large areas of the campus look now. Pay attention to the cafe area outside the Bookshop at 2.58 in the video; you might recognise that this was where the Library used to be sited, while the computer room shown at 5.13 was once part of a flat inhabited by staff. However even for more recent graduates it will still be clear that just since 2012, there have been some notable changes.

RFTV Building/Powell Building Simultaneous Walk 2010

This video, made by Senior Lecturer Tim Jones, from the School of Media, Art and Design, wonderfully blends archive footage of the old RFTV building on Canterbury Campus, with the newer Powell Building, to show how one became the other.

Golden Jubilee Celebrations 2012 – Light Show on Canterbury Campus

This video was taken in the autumn of 2012. In two parts, the show featured displays projected on the side of the Chapel and the side of Fisher Tower.

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