Futures  is an exciting new initiative aimed at building a community of alumni, local businesses, supporters, and students, all connected to create opportunities, raise aspirations, and transform lives.  

Right now our students are facing challenges, particularly financial challenges, which generations in the past have not had to face. A combination of tuition fees and the cost-of-living are having a significant impact on the experience of a vast number of our students.

Our aim through Futures is to provide vital support to our students so they’re able to achieve their very best, whether this is through scholarships, financial support during their studies, or access to alumni volunteers who can help them aspire to and achieve their life and career goals.

You can make a difference 

Become part of Futures today by donating to our  Futures Fund,  Futures Scholarships or becoming a Futures Partner

Together we can ensure that every student has the confidence and support they need to achieve their very best and define their own futures.

Find out more about Futures here.