Postgraduate study and CPD

Promotional image of young postgraduate student with the words "Give your career the postgraduate edge."

Completing a degree is a great way to give yourself an advantage in today’s competitive market.  But for some careers, postgraduate study is also a must to give yourself an edge. Christ Church offers a wide range of Masters courses that can help prepare you for a wide range of roles across the public and private sector, or in a specific subject area.

Discounts on course fees for alumni

As a former student of Christ Church you are eligible for a 20% discount on Postgraduate Taught Masters and Masters by Research programmes where you are fully self-funding your tuition fees.

Eligibility criteria: Any student who has completed at least 1 year of study and achieved a qualification with us automatically becomes one of our alumni. The alumni discount applies to Home/EU and Overseas students.  However, please note that the alumni discount does not apply to the following students: 

  • PGCE students: alumni who are returning to study a PGCE course are currently not eligible for the standard alumni discount. However, alumni are being offered a 20% discount on a range of PGCEs starting in 2021/22 if you are fully self-funding your course and are not in receipt of a Department of Education bursary or professional subject association scholarship. View details and eligibility.
  • Overseas students studying under an articulation agreement: Overseas students who are progressing onto a Postgraduate Taught Masters or Masters by Research programme as part of an articulation agreement are not eligible for the alumni discount. 
  • students whose tuition fees are paid for in full or part by a sponsor: the alumni discount only applies to students who are fully self-funding their own tuition fees. 
  • students whose tuition fees are paid for in full or part through an NHS bursary or other NHS award: the alumni discount only applies to students who are fully self-funding their own tuition fees.

Our Alumni: Kemi’s story

Hear Kemi’s experiences of studying MSc in International Relations (Security Studies) 2019. Learn why it was special for Kemi and how she gained valuable key skills which she can take forward and use in her future career.

Join our Graduate College and be part of a supportive postgraduate community where you can develop your skills, explore a subject in-depth and enhance your career.

Explore Postgraduate options.

Postgraduate entry into teaching

If you are interested in finding out how you can get into teaching, the Faculty of Education run webinars that will tell you all you need to know. Webinars are available on routes into both Primary and Secondary teaching. If you are interested in accessing these, please email the Alumni Team stating which level webinar you would like to see.

Note: Students who are funding their tuition fees from a Government postgraduate loan are considered to be self-funding.

Continuing Professional Development

For Health professionals

The Faculty of Health & Wellbeing offers a range of different Continuing Professional Development (CPD) options, including undergraduate and postgraduate courses as well as short and online courses.

View the Faculty’s webpages for a full list of stand alone modules, short courses, masterclasses and full postgraduate provision available.

For Education professionals

The Faculty of Education offers a wide range of Postgraduate courses designed to enhance your skills and help you develop your career in Education, including SENCO awards and leadership training.

The Faculty also offers Subject Knowledge Enhancement (SKE) for anyone looking to brush up their subject knowledge and prepare for new teaching challenges. See the full list of programmes available.

Become a School Governor

Whatever your academic background or current employment, voluntarily joining a school board as a Governor, or an Academy as a trustee, is a fantastic way to develop your professional skills. You can learn completely new skills or apply existing ones within a new context, broadening your experience – all while helping improve educational outcomes within your local community.

There is a current shortage of skilled volunteers to serve as Governors across the country, particularly in the South East. Applicants of all ages are needed and you don’t have to be a parent to apply.

What does a School Governor do?

Schools benefit hugely from the time and expertise brought by their governors who have three main roles:

  • setting the strategy and ethos of the school;
  • holding the Head Teacher to account for the educational outcomes of all students;
  • ensuring financial accountability.

How can I become a Governor?

Governors for Schools is a registered Charity that offers a free service linking willing volunteers to appropriate vacancies at schools in their locality.

Being a school governor gives me an invaluable opportunity to play a positive role in educational outcomes for young people in my community. I cherish using the skills, knowledge and networks I have developed throughout my career to make this happen. As a governor I am exposed to decision-making in different contexts. Working with a wider group of professionals is excellent for personal development.

Let Governors for Schools match you with a school in your locality that needs your perspective, knowledge and decision-making skills.

Ann Bell – Cert Ed and BEd Part 1 1971

Simply click here to apply or, for more information, contact:

Eleanor Horswill at Governors for Schools
Tel: 07946 676 726