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Bring those memories flooding back by exploring our selection of photos from the Christ Church archive. Click on any the images below to see a larger version. To find more pictures, use the category search down the right hand side of the page.

Much of Christ Church hasn’t changed over the years, but a lot has. So as well as rediscovering the Christ Church you knew, discover the Christ Church you’ve never seen before.

If you have photos that you would like to see added to our archive, find out how you can lend or donate photos and video footage.

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As well as photos, the University also has a number of archive videos. See Graduation footage from 1991, tour the Medway Campus as it was in 2014, see the amazing Golden Jubilee Light Show of 2012 and more.

22 comments on “Photo archive

  1. Margaret Stockdale says:

    Dear Kate,
    My very sad news is that Ynis Richardson, nee Johns, died on 20 June 2021. She introduced herself whilst in the Dinner Queue on our very first day, September 1964. She lived in Fisher Tower, Geography, I/Junior. A friend to all she met . She married Anthony Richardson , 1962 – 1965 Science ,in 1968 , both teaching in Bristol, Hemel Hempstead and France. She was delighted to be part of the Class of 1967 reunion in 2017 and thoroughly enjoyed herself.

  2. Felicity Burke says:

    I was at Christchurch 1967 to 70 (Felicity Tipton). I too studied Divinity with John Guille and Ron Povey. I keep in touch with a group of fellow students, including John, and we all came back for a reunion in 2017. Some of us had been planning to come to a 50th Anniversary reunion this summer, sadly it was postponed. Lets hope it can go ahead next summer.

    1. Kate Chesterman says:

      Thanks for your comment Felicity. We hope that reunions can start happening again next year too!

  3. Carol Frost (nee Wood) says:

    Hello Kate
    It’s a pity that our ‘class of 1970‘ reunion had to be postponed this year due to the Covid 19 pandemic, but it was great to come back in 2017 to celebrate the year that our group of friends started our college course. I notice that 2 former C4 students have posted comments – Ann Goodwin and Ron Povey. If you would like to pass on my details to them both, (and if they wish me to do so) I can put them in touch with others they may know from the 67-70 group.

  4. Ann Goodwin says:

    I was a student from 1967 until 1970 eventually doing Art/Textiles although the first two terms I did maths. After the first two terms in digs near the hospital we were moved into rooms in the tower block for the last term as our landlord was ill and I was photographed in my room in the tower block and it appeared in the prospectus, think I still have a copy of it in the loft somewhere. Enjoyed my three years at Christ Church and feel that they gave us a very good grounding for our future in education.

    Ann Goodwin (Beckett)

    1. Kate Chesterman says:

      Hi Ann. Sounds like Fisher Tower? It’s still here for now, but the rooms are used as offices these days. So glad to hear that you enjoyed your time at Christ Church and that it prepared you well for your career ahead.

  5. Jo Weir says:

    I was a ‘slightly mature’ student at age 20 – one of the first full intake year to attend the new CCC in 1963-66 – we were joined in the brand new buildings by the original inaugural small group who had been housed For their first year in temporary accommodation to start the College in 1962, and were now our 2nd Years! I studied Art with Colin Dudley. Dr Frederick Mason Reserved and bought a Fibreglass Bas-relief of “Cast your nets on the other side” from my 1966 Finals display, to hang in his office. I wonder if it is still there, or did it go with him when he retired? Also I left my life-size cement sculpture of ‘Arthur’s Head’ (he was a fellow art student in my year) as a gift in the library – it remained there for a long time, but apparently not there now. If anyone knows what happened to it I would love to know! It was a very good likeness according to his then girlfriend!
    In 1963 I was in the small group of new students who were taken around to be photographed in various locations around College when we first arrived – the pics were in the newspapers, marking the first full intake. I also was one of the Art Dept students presented to Her Majesty the Queen when she visited the College in 1965 – the Art Dept being the smallest, Her Majesty and the Duke met us all and spent a long time discussing and looking at all our work. On Fri Nov 22 1963, the Art Dept visited the artist in his studio – making the lovely Tapestry for the new Chapel, and as we arrived there, we heard the announcement that President Kennedy had been assassinated. Our summer holiday task In 1964 was to make and embroider Stoles for the Chapel. I witnessed the completion of the Chapel roof, the helicopter lowering the beautiful, slim fleche gently into position!
    I can look out many photos of many of these occasions, which may be of interest to you for the archives.. Please let me know if you would like me to do this! Long time ago – many happy memories!
    Jo Weir (Joan – nee Barrett)

    1. Kate Chesterman says:

      Dear Jo – Thank you so much for your comment and all this wonderful information. Presumably then, you are in some of the photos that we have housed in the 1960s section of the Photo Archive? I will ask our arts manager if either of the works you have mentioned are still included in the University’s register of art assets. Yes, if you have more photos, we would love to receive them. Details of how you can send them to us can be found on our “Send Us Your Photos” page (
      Kate (Alumni Relations Manager)


    With reference to the 1975 Fynden Soccer side, I think the player standing on the extreme right of the back row might be Geoff. Wass and on the extreme right of the front row sits, I think, Peter Norgrove.

    1. Kate Chesterman says:

      Hi Andy – thanks so much for this information.

  7. John A Guille says:

    Thank you for these pics.
    I was a contemporary of Ron Povey 1967-70 and in the Divinity faculty.
    Some of us from those years enjoyed our visit to C4 in 2017.
    Lorna Kendall was so supportive of my moving on to Ordination.

    1. Kate Chesterman says:

      Glad to hear that you enjoyed coming back for your reunion visit John. The Alumni Team.

  8. Rt Revd Dr David C Nicholls says:

    With reference to the somewhat theatrical photographs of the visit to the seaside by the then college staff – this seems to be have been 1975 and not 1965. Mr Michael Berry (who was deputy principal) is featured with Dr Mason so this must be the 1970s. He became the second principal of the then Christ Church College of Education. And in the same way, the photograph of Dr Mason and Mrs Mason outside their Priory residence surely dates from 1975 when he retired as principal.

    1. Kate Chesterman says:

      This is just the sort of information we need David. Thank you so much. We will amend accordingly.

  9. Blanca Collante says:

    Dear Sirs,

    I want to thank you for keeping me informed about the events and activities at Canterbury Christ Church.
    I will visit that place one day. My professors here in Argentina were Martin Hyde and Johm Cullman. Then, Paul Kusel guided me in the theses. A really wonderful experience!

    All the best,


    1. Kate Chesterman says:

      Hi Blanca

      So pleased you had a good time while you were with us. Argentina is a long way, but do come back one day – we would love to see you. The Alumni Team

  10. Raymond Noble says:

    Re 1970’s 1975 Fynden football team:
    Dec 1975 Fynden 2 Thorne 0. Back row left to right: Steve Baldock, steve Bennett, ?,Mukul Lall, ?. front row from left: me Ray Noble, Brian Stewart, Bernard McCoy, who scored one of the goals, ?
    Brian Stewart tragically died in 2010 in a cycling accident aged 57. He was art director at the Falmouth Art Gallery and his obituary was in The Guardian.

    1. Kate Chesterman says:

      Thanks for this information Raymond. Did you read the story in the last Link Magazine about the great Fynden and Thorne football match back in the 70s that was written by another of alumni? Very sad about Brian Stewart. Best wishes – the Alumni Team.

  11. Ron Povey says:

    I well remember all the staff captured in the photograph. Dr. Frederick Mason, the Principal, was the brother in law of the head of the Technology faculty at the Boys’ Grammar school I attended in Warrington. Dr. E. Lorna Kendall was my head of Faculty when I studied Divinity at the then Christ Church College of Education from 1967- 1970. I well remember Mr. A. L. Flight, head of Mathematics (nicknamed ALF due to his initials.) They were three memorable years for so many reasons. I would love to share more and hear from anyone who studied during the same time as my three happy years in Kent!

    1. Kate Chesterman says:

      Thank you so much for providing this information Ron. Great to hear from you again.

  12. Rt Revd Dr David C Nicholls says:

    1965. Visit of the Queen. Revd Dr Frederick Mason (Principal) in the foreground and Dr E Lorna Kendal (HOD Divinity) in the background. To one side is Mr Flight (HOD Mathematics). All three were at the then Christ Church College of Education, Canterbury in 1973 but Mason retired at the end of the following academic year.

    1. Kate Chesterman says:

      Thank you for identifying the academic staff in the photo of the Queen David. Our archivist might have this information already, but if he hasn’t, he will be delighted!

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