Gary White

BSc (Hons) Geography

Following graduation, and a short time volunteering in Tanzania, Gary got a job with the Environment Agency Wales, responding to both pollution and flooding incidents in the South-East of Wales, as well as managing projects to mitigate the chances of pollution occurring in the first place.

Nearly ten years on, Gary is now the Lead Specialist Advisor (Incident Management) for Natural Resources Wales. The role includes responding to all environmental incidents, to managing the response to Invasive non-native species and potential impacts of withdrawing from the EU.

Gary says ‘’I’m in this role due to the skills and knowledge I learnt at Canterbury. Key skills which have stayed with me include the need to be analytical, methods of presenting information effectively to your audience, and being open to evidence based arguments as well as practical skills such as GIS.

These skills combined with the need to keep learning and reading is what have helped me progress……I would like to extend my wholehearted gratitude to yourself (Dr Chris Young) and the team of lecturers who guided me through my time at Canterbury’’.

Gary is married to his wife Laura and says ‘’We have had more than our fair share of adventures, and our son is due at the start of February. We are very excited to have the opportunity to share our passion of the natural environment and all its processes with him’’.