From police officer to author

What started as a culminations of blogs, Charlotte’s book, ‘Seven Stages of Grief, When You Leave the Police’, explores expectations verse reality when it comes to the police force. We spoke to Charlotte Gearing (BSc (Hons) Policing 2017) about becoming a published author!

“The book is a discussion opener”, she examines.There is a tendency to be hyper-critical of the police – yet it would appear similar behaviours are found to exist in other careers yet these careers aren’t so open to same criticisms. I also explore mental health and policing, and the idea that rank and file, and policing by consent – can both coherently exist side by side.” 

Charlotte graduated in 2017 and went to join the police service. Therefore much of the content for the book comes from her experience gained whilst working as police staff and special constable and her resignation a police officer, as well as research. “After several years serving in the police I gained certain insights and used my personal experiences in the book. My research was more organic than specific. For example I am always doing courses or learning, so If I picked up new information, I would go away and find out more to clarify it for accuracy.”

Discussing how the book came about, Charlotte explains that: “It was borne from frustration when it came to academic writing! I wanted to write freely and openly to convey points of contention. I learnt by reading lots of books, the formats I prefer to read; so some sections of my book may be longer than others – it was difficult achieving a balance.”

Despite juggling shift work as a tube operator, this published author and mother is an advocate of life-long learning and personal development:

“Life-long learning and recent academic achievements appear to be received well on CVs and in terms of career discussions around development.” 

And although Charlotte is a bit of a closed book herself, declaring that “I prefer the stories of others,” she does look back fondly at her time at CCCU. One highlight being achieving a first in the written timed assessment part of her degree. And also her success as a student rep in moving the location of the first year exams, as per the student body request!

Charlotte’s book was published this month and you can find out more here.