Alumni Rising Star Award 2024  

Nominations are now open until 11 March!!  

Criteria, and terms and conditions  

This award recognises and celebrates innovative and successful young alumni who have showcased determination, drive and excellence in the workplace or community, who are paving the way for others and demonstrating strong leadership and teamwork skills.    

Specific award criteria  

An alumnus who:   

  • Is an emerging leader, who demonstrates potential to have long term success in their field/profession.   
  • Shows innovation, creativity, and drive, and can demonstrate early career success or community service achievements.   
  • Is an inspiring role model, mentor, champion for change or equality, who isn’t afraid to make bold, courageous decisions.   
  • Is making a positive contribution to an individual/group of individuals, community, professional practice or impact on society through their work/activities.   
  • Must have graduated in the last 7 years (from 2017 onwards).   

Nominate an alumnus for their Rising Star credentials here:

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